Why do iPhones not have an IR blaster?

Let’s start with the answer. In two words:

Aggressive design.


Now, let’s try to understand this answer.


Apple is known for its beautiful and minimalistic designs. In software and hardware, sometimes, this design causes a lack in functionality.


For example:

The new MacBook is one of the most beautiful laptops I have ever seen. Except a headphone jack, as Apple has removed all other ports from this, and instead there is just a single USB Type-C connector. Want to charge the MacBook and at the same time connect your smartphone to it? No sir, please use an external adapter.

And what can you do to get one in yours?

IR blaster in S6 (under). For Apple it's a design bug.

Want another interesting example?

A serious rumor is going on about Apple removing the headphone jack from the next iPhone model. So now, either you throw your expensive wired Beats to the garbage, or buy an adapter that connects to the Lightning port. Wait, and if I want to charge the phone and still listen to music? Again, no sir.

I call this aggressive design.

IR blaster is a very simple thing for Apple to implement in the iPhone/iPod/iPad. But, and it’s a big but, you need to have a dark spot in the aluminum frame. This dark spot will ruin the sleek design. Therefore, no IR.


Aggressive design. You can be in favor of it, you can hate it, you can love it, you can (choose a word) it, but this is Apple.

Probably the most beautiful laptop in the world. MacBook.

For those of us who want to keep the sleek design, add a luxury touch to it and still have an IR blaster in the phone, we are proud to present BOBO’s EYE.


BOBO’s EYE is a highly stylish, tiny piece of tech that sticks to the back of the phone (the stick is reusable, no signs left).


With EYE you can find or upload ALL of your IR remotes to the phone and control electronics located anywhere you go: In the office, at home and also in your parents/friends houses.


For us to be able to deliver BOBO’s EYE, this stylish and productive piece of tech to the world in mass production, we are launching a campaign in Kickstarter.

If you want to support us and have one (probably $29), we will be happy if you subscribe down below and we will let you know as soon as the campaign starts. Probably between 31/4/16 - 15/5/16.

Joseph Savion


Joseph is an entrepreneur.

Was the CEO and founder of a successful Israeli website called Tan-Doo that he sold to a bigger website. 

A geek who doesn't forget to have a good time ;-)

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Tzif is an electronics and communications engineer.

Experts in (both prototyping and production):
Circuits and electricity, communication engineering, R&D, wireless and cellular technologies, projects management, IoT.

Tzif (Menahem) Tziegfing


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