Q: How can I know for sure that I will get back the $5 deposit?
A: Because pledges on Kickstarter can be canceled!
When you will back us in Kickstarter for at least 1 Eye (~$69), and you see that 36 hours are past and you didn't get the refund, you cancel your pledge.
Of course we want a support of $69 than $5...
Q: What if you will not even launch the campaign?
A: We already invested $50,000 for building the prototype and we are in the middle of making the video, therfore there is no reason for us not to launch it. 
We are 100% commiting for launching the campaign. If the campaign will not launches until the end of July 16', you will get a full refund.
Anyway, this is the reason we are working only with PayPal and the above will be in the description of the transaction. So, you are FULLY covered.

After you press on the button below, you will be transferred to PayPal to make the deposit

Joseph Savion


Joseph is an entrepreneur.

Was the CEO and founder of a successful Israeli website called Tan-Doo that he sold to a bigger website. 

A geek who doesn't forget to have a good time ;-)

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Tzif is an electronics and communications engineer.

Experts in (both prototyping and production):
Circuits and electricity, communication engineering, R&D, wireless and cellular technologies, projects management, IoT.

Tzif (Menahem) Tziegfing


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